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Climate change and housing affordability are two of the most pressing issues in cities today. The Green in Action podcast asks, what are practitioners doing to address these urgent concerns? Join host Kimberly Vermeer, President of Urban Habitat Initiatives, for stories about green leadership in affordable housing. Green in Action dives deep into the successes, innovations, and challenges of green leaders developing sustainable and equitable communities. Learn more about the pod at and follow us on Twitter @UHIPodcast.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Not for the Birds: Deep Green at Finch

    The view from the Alewife neighborhood of Cambridge from the roof deck of Finch Join Host Kimberly Vermeer for the story of Finch, the largest new construction ...


  2. Getting into Integrated Design

    If you ask most green housing practitioners, they’ll tell you that the integrated design process is crucial if you want a successful outcome of truly sustainable communities. But what is the integrated design process, and how do you make it work in practice? In this episode of Green in Action, ...


  3. Minisode Deep Dive: Integrated Design in Enterprise Green Communities

    In this Green in Action Minisode, host Kimberly Vermeer takes a deep dive into how Enterprise Green Communities’ new tool, the 2020 Green Communities Criteria, empowers practitioners to design more sustainable buildings and communities. In the episode, Enterprise Green Communities staff Ray Demers, Senior Director of Design Leadership Initiatives, and ...


  4. Net Zero Heroes

    How do you transform from building your first green project, to becoming a green organization? In the second episode of the Green in Action podcast, host Kimberly Vermeer shares RUPCO’s journey toward becoming a leading sustainable affordable housing developer in New York’s Hudson Valley. Guests Guy Kempe, Vice President of ...


  5. Net Zero: Making it Real for Residents

    How do you make green features work for affordable housing residents? What do you do if they’re not working? Developer Mutual Housing California learned from experience about the importance of resident engagement at their ambitious net zero energy development, Mutual Housing at Spring Lake, in Woodland, California. In the first ...